Welcome to Filld’s next phase: From our CEO Michael Buhr

Welcome to Filld’s next phase: From our CEO Michael Buhr

 For over three years, our team has worked tirelessly toward Filld’s vision of liberating drivers from the growing stress and challenge of getting gas for their personal vehicles or fleet.

Today, we’re thrilled to share that we’ve raised $15 million in Series B funding co-led by Parkland Fuel Corporation and Calibrate Ventures. As part of Parkland’s investment, the President of Parkland USA, Doug Haugh, has joined our board of directors, and we couldn’t be more excited to work with one of the most innovative and rapidly growing North American companies in the fueling industry today. Filld is leading the retail mobile fueling market and with this funding, entering a significant new chapter of growth. It will help us further build and advance our platform, technology infrastructure, operations, sales, employee growth, and training while delivering a better service for you — our customers.

The fueling problem for consumers and businesses is real and growing more rapidly as traditional retail gas stations navigate changing mobility trends, such as shifting vehicle use patterns, the rise of on-demand and shared vehicles, connected cars and autonomous fleets.

We’re excited to grow our business and for the opportunity to create new, well-paying jobs across North America. Trust, camaraderie and energizing morale are at the core of what anchors the Filld team. At Filld, our culture embraces people from all walks of life who are passionate about building a new platform that can significantly advance today’s challenged vehicle fueling infrastructure in a way that has a positive long-lasting impact.

I’d be remiss not to celebrate the remarkable hard work and achievements the Filld team has made thus far. Our success would not have happened without the outstanding customer service and safety record of our incredibly dedicated delivery techs and dispatchers who support our mobile fueling service day-in and day-out — they are “where the rubber meets the road.” As we grow, we’re excited to bring new faces into the Filld family and continue building the culture we’ve created.

We’re proud that we have built a mobile fuel delivery company that prioritizes safety and compliance while delivering exceptional customer service. We’ve also created a flexible delivery platform that supports the energy sources of today, those that are nascent and growing, and those that are yet to come. I’m grateful to have a new investor like Parkland Fuel who recognizes that backing Filld is funding a more sustainable and efficient fueling infrastructure for the future. Parkland brings brand credibility, access to top fuel supply and operating expertise to Filld’s North American and international growth strategy.

I’m thankful to lead an extraordinary team that’s realizing the incredible vision of our founder, Scott Hempy. Together, we are helping improve the lives of our customers while pushing the story of Filld forward.

With pride and gratitude-


 Michael Buhr

 President and CEO



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