Partner with Filld

Filld negotiates fleet fueling contracts with national fleet operators and partners with local fuel distributors to provide delivery. Our local delivery partners vary in size from small family owned fuel hauling companies to large oil & gas companies. Our local partners are paid on an OPIS+ fuel margin plus a delivery fee for every vehicle refueled. We make sure our delivery partners are successful, because Filld only makes money when our partners make money.
All Filld delivery partners have access to the Filld software and hardware platform to provide service to our national fleet customers.
1. Increase your volume and revenue

2. Diversify your customer base

3. Expand your geographic footprint


Once installed in your trucks, the Filld hardware device allows your registers to communicate directly with the cloud, saving your drivers hours of data entry.

Filld Routing Software

Filld’s software allows your operator to manage which trucks go to which sites during which shifts. It helps you stay organized, so that you can run the most efficient operation possible.


The Filld Driver App allows your drivers to quickly refuel hundreds of vehicles or other assets in a shift without the need for manually recording or tracking deliveries. It all happens automatically.


Keep track of every gallon delivered using Filld’s proprietary, data-centric analytics dashboard. Spot potential problem areas before they happen and leverage the unit-level and aggregated data to make smarter business decisions

To learn more about how the Filld platform can help your business operate more efficiently and drive results, please contact us.

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