Getting Fueled with Filld

Getting Fueled with Filld

Getting gas is a small task but can add up to the biggest inconvenience. Did you know people waste approximately 3 billion hours each year on the gas station errand? Think of everything you can do with that time.

Well, what if we told you never had to stop at a gas station again? Yep… that’s right. You’d never have to stop late after a long day at work, wake up earlier to fill up, and no more touching that germy handle! Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? At Filld, we deliver gas directly to your car, so you can save time and spend it on things that really matter.

Want to enjoy Filld’s convenient refueling at your home or office but not sure how? We’ll walk you through it. Check out our step by step instructions for the easiest way to get gas!

Step One: Download our FREE app
This app serves as your hub to book an appointment with us so we can deliver gas directly to your car. Available on Android and iOS.
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Step Two: Set Location
Enter your address and tag your cars location on the map.

Step Three: Schedule a time
Pick a delivery window that works best for you! Get ready to confirm your order.

Step Four: Pop Your Flap
All that’s left is to pop your gas flap before the scheduled fill time and wait. Our fully certified drivers will arrive shortly.

Step Five: Focus on your day
Get out there and make things happen. Focus on things that really matter, like spending time with your family, preparing for that meeting, and focusing on your goals- let us fuel your car!

Step Six: Repeat
Our app saves information/ past orders for extra convenience! There is a button to reorder without having to re-enter your information. A full tank of gas is just a tap away.

Step Seven: Write a review
We love hearing from you! We want to know all about your experience, so we can keep improving to serve you better.

Step Eight: Tell Your Friends
Introduce your friends to the convenience of saving time and money by getting top tier competitively priced gas delivered straight to your car with #Filld.

There you have it. What are you waiting for? Join the tens of thousands of happy Filld members who’ve ditched the pump and never looked back.


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