A better way to fuel your fleet

Efficient, onsite mobile fueling for your fleet of vehicles.

Filld’s mobile fuel trucks fill-up your fleet vehicles where they are parked resulting in multiple benefits to your business

Reduced Labor Costs

Allow employees to focus on their core jobs & avoid paying them simply to pump gas.

Increased Efficiency

Maximize employees’ time spent on key tasks and eliminate detours for gas and prolonged “breaks” at the pump

Eliminate Fraud

Eliminate unauthorized purchases on the company’s fuel card or credit card 

Detailed Reporting

Enjoy transaction-level reporting. Track fuel expense by vehicle and spot problems before they become dire

Published Pricing

Understand how your gas prices are calculated and enjoy optimal fuel pricing

Integrated Billing

Realize a seamless transition from current fuel card purchase processes due to integrations with Voyager and WEX

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Frequently Asked Questions

Filld provides on-site mobile refueling services to local and national fleets of vehicles. Fleet owners work with Filld to set up a regularly recurring schedule when the refueling trucks can be on-site to refuel the fleet owner’s vehicles on-site.

Filld operates mini tankers and specially modified pick-up trucks. These tankers and pick-ups are built to pump regular, premium and/or diesel gasoline directly into vehicles. They are effectively fully operational mobile gas stations.

No. Fleets can be spread across multiple sites and can even be parked on-street.

Filld works with the fleet owner to refuel the fleet when it makes the most sense. If the fleet vehicles are parked all together at a single site overnight, then we will conduct the refueling overnight. Filld can adjust the delivery schedule over time as needs change. For clarity, Filld does not offer on-demand fueling; all fueling occurs on a regular, pre-arranged schedule.

Filld currently serve fleets in Washington DC, Portland OR, and Vancouver BC (Canada). Filld is quickly expanding its service offering to more geographies, so if your fleet is not in one of these markets, please contact us. (See contact form.) Filld will prioritize new markets where fleet owners have expressed interest in Filld’s service.

Yes. Based on the 2018 IFC code, mobile fueling of regular and diesel gasoline is approved from tank vehicles up to 1,600 gallons. Filld operates mini tankers that hold up to 1,600 gallons as well as pick-up trucks holding up to 440 gallons. The code further specifies regulations to which mobile fuelers must strictly adhere. Filld conducts rigorous, recurring safety trainings to ensure adherence to these codes. Filld is very proud of its safety record and works hard to ensure that the processes and procedures are in place to ensure ongoing safe practices.

Filld typically charges fleet owners per-gallon of gas delivered plus a delivery fee per vehicle filled-up. These charges can vary based on a number of factors, including how often the fleet requires refueling,  the number of sites and vehicles per site, the site’s distance from the gas terminal (i.e. fuel source), the ease of access to the site (eg. are there locks, access codes, etc.), constraints on when the fleet may be refueled, etc. Please contact us for a quote on how much it will cost to refuel your fleet. 

Filld sells regular, premium and diesel gas. Filld and its dealers obtain gas from the same fuel sources used by all major gas stations. While the fuel is not a specific brand it meets all federal and auto manufacturer standards for regular and diesel (NO2). (Filld does not sell mid-grade or higher octanes (eg. 94).) 

Customer Testimonials

Carla Archambault

Silvercar SEA's experience with FILLD has been just great! Not only has the FILLD team been saving us time by gassing up our cars overnight making our cars ready to go for rent the next day but, they are also very reliable and professional with daily communication. We have been using FILLD for about 8 months and we love it!

Shawn DeOliviera

Filld has helped UMG eliminate the time needed for our installation crews to fill our trucks every morning. This allows our workforce to get to jobsites faster and spend more time on installing more products every day. In the current business environment, customers expect product delivery at lightning speed and Filld is part of our solution. Filld gives us the edge to be one step ahead of our competitors​

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