Highlighting our Delivery Technicians

Highlighting our Delivery Technicians

It takes a team to achieve greatness- it’s no secret that people are the foundation of Filld. We are blessed with great team synergy and a sense of belonging where everyone is committed to what we are doing and actively involved in innovation. Our team works tirelessly to provide the best quality service and have expanded their neighbourhoods to include friends from all over. Our seamless delivery process is made possible by our amazing drivers, or as we like to call them, the magicians on the ground!

Today, we have chosen Nain Torres for the spotlight. Nain is a kind, collaborative and busy father of two. He is dedicated to efficiently serving customers, as well as ensuring the happiness of our drivers. Nain is a great team member who seamlessly steps into any role with a smile on his face. Nain is very passionate about his work and wears his heart on his sleeve, caring for each and every team member. He is regularly described as someone who can brighten up other’s days. We can only surmise that these are just a few reasons why many customers look forward to his weekly visits.

Nain, Filld team-member
Filld Drivers are the foundation of the business

How long have you been with Filld?
I’ve been driving for Filld for 2 years and managing other drivers for just over a year now.

What are the certifications you hold?
I used to be a long-haul truck driver, so I have a lot of experience driving and doing deliveries. I have a CDL (commercial drivers’ license), and also Hazmat certification for safety.

Describe a typical day for you?
Our drivers work in shifts throughout the day and overnight. I typically get in to the office around 8am for an 8:30 shift start. Orders start coming in around then as our customers arrive at work and schedule their fill-up for the day. If order volume is high, I’ll hit the road to start deliveries for 9am. If other drivers are on shift instead, I’m overseeing truck management to make sure that all of our equipment is maintained and ready to go. I coordinate with the drivers to make sure there are no troubles on route, and to communicate with our leadership team about what our drivers are experiencing on the road. I work a standard day and head home around 5, when the night-shift drivers start getting in.

What’s something you can’t go through your day without?
We have a great assortment of snacks in the shop garage, which is necessary because at the office we’re always on our feet. Also, coffee. Because of all of the moving parts of our business, we do a lot of meetings with different teams, so that communication is also something I can’t do my job without.

What’s the most rewarding thing about your job?
I like being part of a company that’s doing something different and exciting. There are so many “on-demand” services out there that have made it a lot easier for people to get more done: Grocery and food delivery, transportation, even help around the house and with pets and kids. Getting gas is one chore that everyone with a car has to deal with, and it’s, in my experience, one of the most annoying chores to do. I like being part of a solution. And I think that once this idea is more widespread, it’s really going to change how people think of fueling their car. I feel like I’m part of this shift into the future, which is really fun.

What is the most challenging?
Dealing with traffic is probably the most challenging thing. We are always perfecting our routing to get drivers on the most efficient path between orders, but roads still get congested, especially around rush hour. Sitting for hours on driving shifts can be challenging too,

What’s your favourite thing about working for Filld?
We have a really great team here. Our people collaborate well and are genuinely excited about growing our business and serving our customers. When we’re filling up their cars, we get to give people time back in their day. The feedback we get is fantastic- people love what we do and are very friendly when they see us come by.

What would you to say to those on the fence about ditching the pump?
You are seriously going to love this service. We constantly hear from people who are skeptical about making the switch (It’s so lazy! Is it safe? I’m already driving so what’s the big deal…) but when they do, it’s like a whole new world is opened to them. People don’t realize how much time they actually spend getting gas, and how stressful it is to see the low-fuel light. Filld totally takes away that feeling. Our users tell us that we’ve changed their lives- and how happy they are to never have to go back to the gas station.

Nain gave some compelling reasons as to why you should ditch the pump and join the movement! You never know how much time you’ll save until you break the routine. Join today: www.filld.com


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