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Filld is a mobile fueling service building a highly flexible, scalable, and sustainable last mile infrastructure for vehicle fueling. Today’s retail gas fueling infrastructure is deteriorating rapidly both nationally and internationally, while the current infrastructure for EV charging and alternative energy fueling is sparse and inadequately addresses the vast and changing transportation landscape.

Filld was founded in 2015 with the goal of developing an end-to-end delivery platform, offering  a gas or alternative energy fueling service directly to individual, commercial, fleet and enterprise vehicles — eliminating the need to ever stop for fueling again. At Filld, we are building the new last-mile fueling infrastructure that better addresses the evolving needs of vehicles, fleets, and cities, solving cost and convenience problems of today, and addressing fuel availability and delivery challenges of the future.

Today, Filld’s mission is to liberate customers from the inconvenience, expense, and time lost frequenting the retail gas station. With technology roots in Silicon Valley and customers nationwide, Filld is bringing fueling into the future by safely and sustainably delivering top-quality, double-filtered fuel directly to customers vehicles, day or night.

Filld’s safety-certified and commercial rated drivers currently serve motorists in multiple cities across the U.S. and Canada, and is expanding rapidly to meet demand.

Michael Buhr, CEO.

Michael Buhr is the President and CEO of Filld, building the last mile retail vehicle fueling infrastructure of the future.

Previously Michael was the President and Co-CEO of Zerve, an activity marketplace and SMB ticketing and business management platform. Prior to Zerve, Michael was SVP Consumer and New Ventures at Travelport, head of Seller and Communication Products at eBay, an EIR at Shasta Ventures, the GM / CEO of StumbleUpon, with previous business and product experience at Apple, Adobe, and Palm.

Michael holds a HBScEng in Engineering from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada.

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Scott Hempy, Founder.

Scott is actively involved in the Silicon Valley startup community. He is the founder and leads business development and sales at Filld, the on-demand refueling service that eliminates the need to stop at a gas station. With the drop of a pin on our smartphone app, your gas tank gets filled while you are focusing on the more important tasks of your day.

Prior to Filld, Scott served as an associate at Cote Capital, a Venture Capital firm where he performed deal diligence and helped source new investment opportunities. He cut his teeth in the startup world as a project manager for Omega Ophthalmics, a medical device start-up company working through the FDA approval process.

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Jonathan Gonsky, SVP oF Operations.

Jonathan Gonsky, Senior Vice President of Operations for Filld, is a leader dedicated to eliminating the need to ever stop for gasoline again. He is currently driving operational excellence and expanding Filld locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, to insure Filld is the preferred fueling solution for local businesses and residents.

Prior to his current role, Jonathan was Regional Vice President for Zipcar, taking car-sharing mainstream in North America by growing existing markets and launching over 10 new markets.  Jonathan was the General Manager for Zipcar Chicago before that, more than doubling the size of the business during his tenure. Prior to joining Zipcar, Jonathan held a variety of leadership roles within the building, retail, e-commerce, and professional services industries working with companies such as The Home Depot, eBay, and Deloitte.

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Aaron Wilson, VP Finance.

Aaron Wilson is an experienced leader with expertise in guiding intelligent growth for companies from the start-up phase onwards.  In joining the team at Filld, Aaron is excited to be addressing the challenges of the current generation of fuel delivery networks, and building the new solution that the next generation of vehicles will require to stay on the road.  Prior to his current role, Aaron was the Vice President of Finance at Hip Digital.  Aaron has previously worked at a variety of tech-focused companies, including time at KPMG.  He is an active CPA with a degree in Business Administration from CalPoly San Luis Obispo.

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Nitin Ahuja, VP Engineering.

Nitin is an engineering leader and technologist with a track record of building and leading effective teams making compelling products.  Prior to Filld, Nitin was leading technology teams at companies ranging from Automotive/IoT,  large eCommerce to Ticketing platforms, and VoIP/telecom sectors. He has dabbled in data analytics and Machine Learning for several years.

Nitin is a lifelong learner and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Pune University in India. 

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